Provider Setup & Troubleshooting

Please contact us with any questions.

Welcome to SOSBoom, an 'Active Result Directory' / web-based SOS platform & lead generator for patients. Here we'll go over how to get your provider profile up and running so you can start replying to any user requests, aka shoutouts received.

Profile Setup - Keyword Management - Email Handling - Profile Renewal & Costs

If you haven't provided us with the needed info to verify you as a provider, please do so otherwise you will not be able to create your profile and select your keywords to service.

Please have the following ready:

  • Photo ID
  • State license (matching the name on your ID)
  • NPI (National Provider Identifier)
Send the above to from the email address you signed up with.
We'll update our database within 24 hours (usually much faster) and send you a notification email once done.
Thereafter you can create your profile and select your keywords as needed.

Profile Setup

Once logged in, navigate to Keywords & Profiles on the menu bar.

Your profile(s) will appear toward the top of the page. Click into any profile for further editing.
-The information provided within any profile is what a user will see as you reply to their shoutout. Individual profiles also contain provider preferences with regards to participation status, email alerts and alert distancing (mentioned below).
-If promotions are no longer being offered and you have no profiles or keywords associated with your account, then please complete the purchase for any amount of profiles or keywords needed by adding keywords & profiles.

Profile fields...

Current Location & 'Stamp Coordinates Below' Button: Found at the the top of the page are your current latitude & longitude coordinates as well as a button labeled 'Stamp Coordinates Below'...addressed in the latitude & longitude field below.

Participating: (Mandatory for participation) Be sure to have this checked so you are eligible to receive shoutouts. In the event you want to take time off from participating in SOSBoom, just have this unchecked and no shoutouts will be made upon you.

Email Requests: (Optional) Allows for email notification of incoming shoutouts. If unchecked, no emails will be received but you can still see and respond to any shoutouts by logging in and navigating to ProvRequests where you can respond to shoutouts received as you would from an email.

Notes: (optional) Seen when landing on Keywords & Profiles. This is not reflected in the reply to any shoutout and is used solely for provider reference.

Business Name: (Mandatory for participation) Enter the name of your business.

Business Intro: (Optional) Offering any added info upon your business.

Address: (Optional) Input your business's street address.

Latitude & Longitude: (Mandatory for participation) SOSBoom uses geolocation to identify the distance between your service location and the user's location at the time of their shoutout. If your coordinates fall within the radius specified by a user and you can service their keyword, then a request alert will made upon you.
-If you are currently at your service location, click the 'Stamp Coordinates Below' button at the top of the page and your current coordinates will populate into the fields.
-If you are currently not at your place of business and need to find it's coordinates, click the link provided and you will proceed on to an external site where you can input your address and the coordinates will be found. Just copy and paste them back into the respective fields.

Phone 1 & 2, Email 1 & 2, Personal Links 1 - 4: (Only 1 is mandatory for active participation) Include up to 2 phone numbers, up to 2 email addresses and up to 4 personal links (website, yelp, instagram, facebook etc.) to allow users to contact you in the event of your reply.

Only Accept Service Requests Within: Select a radius for which you are willing to accept shoutouts from. For example, with some professions you may only want to receive shoutouts which are limited to a 20 kilometer / 12 mile radius to your business's coordinates as travel outside of that may be too far or difficult. Just indicate your radius and only shoutouts made within the radius and for which you match the keyword criteria for will be received. This limitation may not apply to all services (e.g. online services), as distance may be of no issue. In this case, feel free to max out the radius.

Save your profile.

Next we will select our keywords to service.

Keyword Management

Once logged in navigate to Keywords & Profiles.

Following the 'Profiles' section, you will find the 'Keywords' section. Here providers will find a .pdf (Keywords_Full_List.pdf) containing all possible keyword offerings throughout our platform as well as a link should you choose to recommend any keywords.

Narrow by Industry: Allows you to narrow down the list of 'Available Keywords...' by a selected industry.
-If an industry is selected, an added drop down list, Narrow by Profession / Topic... will then be visible to further narrow down the list of 'Available Keywords...' to a selected profession.

Keyword Tallies: Showing how many keywords you have available in total followed by how many are left to select.

List Boxes:

  • Available Keywords: Master list of all keywords available throughout SOSBoom.
    Feel free to scroll through the contents but finding keywords is easier with the search box found at the top of this list box. Just start typing and your results will get filtered down. Once you find the keyword you want to service, just check it and it will automatically appear in the list on the right, 'Selected Keywords...', indicating your choice to service it. Uncheck it and it will disappear from the list on the right.
  • Selected Keywords: Keywords you have selected to service.
    As with the 'Available Keywords' type into the search box to filter down your already selected choices and if you want to remove any keyword just click the 'X' next to the keyword to have it removed and it will be unchecked from the 'Available Keywords...' list on the left as well.

Save Keyword Edits: Once you have your keywords selected, be sure to save before exiting the screen otherwise your edits / selections will not hold.

And keywords have no expiration date. 👍

At this point you are ready to go as your profile is participating with some keywords selected for service.

Should you have any questions, just contact us by filling out the form provided or calling us and we can assist in getting your profile up and running.

Handling Emails

Make sure we are on your safe list otherwise emails may arrive in your spam folder.
Information on how to operate your safe list may be found here for a few of the more popular domain providers...

...for others not listed, please contact or research the domain provider directly to add us.

Optional, for end-users making shoutouts, make sure to have "Email Responses" checked under your account if you prefer to receive an email response for when a provider is able to assist you...otherwise just login to see who may have responded to your request.

Optional, for providers of any keyword, make sure to have "Email Alerts" checked within any profile so that you are able to receive an email alert for when a request is made...otherwise just login to see who may have requested assistance from you and respond from within the website.

Profile Renewal

When a profile expires, the link to select and edit that profile, found under Keywords & Profiles, will turn into a renewal link. Just proceed on with payment details and once finished your profile will be reactivated and ready to use. Your renewal cost will always be the price which was indicated on the date of any promotional signup or whatever the price was when you initially purchased your profile. No profile will auto-renew upon expiration. Renew any profile as and when you want.

Current profile pricing: $149.99 for any initial profile purchase and will be the profile's renewal price as well.
-For any profile received during a promotional period, upon expiration your profile can be renewed at the purchase price of a profile offered at the time of purchase.

Current keyword pricing: $0.75 (purchased in sets), keywords never expire.