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Searches, although actively performed, have always provided preprogrammed results. Not that this is a bad thing. After all, we here at SOSBoom rely on the current state of search to accomplish our own trivial and at times more significant pursuits just like everyone else, on earth. But we did have a different take on what the results behind a search can be, human driven.

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So what is SOSBoom? |

  • a call for help? Well yeah...SOS is in the title.
  • a lead generator for patients? Hmm, that's interesting.
  • a head start on your search? Like a PRE-Search? Yeah, we're that too.
  • a method for searching by keyword while at the same time inputting a description behind it to really drive home the message of what’s needed and to have your search tended to by an acutual person or business with information about them for you to come to a quick conclusion on contacting them? Definitely.
  • ...and to just minimize the need of 'having to call around' to see...Does your office treat...? Are you open on...? Are you in-network with...? I know, so frustrating.
  • a search engine replacement? Kind of like chatGPT? Not really, and maybe the exact opposite.
    If we were packaged food, our label would read as '100% Human, AI Free'.

Let's just say it's another tool in your tool box. It could be your first one or your final one, and it can operate while you still continue on with your same old search.

A tool that works by having service providers actively participate in the results process, allowing for more relevent responses while at the same time driving local business.

Be the Result

In creating SOSBoom we had three goals:

  • Provide users a realtime and initiated response to their requests thus increasing the likely hood of a relevant response.
  • Allow responses to be passively delivered. Responses come to you when you can or can't sit in front of the computer.
  • Offer a cost effective, "hand in the air" approach for service providers to draw attention to their business. "I'm here and I can help!"

Active Responses, Passively Delivered

Performing Searches

→ Start by selecting your keyword.

And what is a keyword?
A keyword is the representation of a PROFESSION, SERVICE, PRODUCT or SYMPTOM and is the basis to your request / search / call / shoutout.

Although we have many keywords databased, our list of keywords is ever growing with industries looking to be added.
We ask all users to advise us of any added keywords for which they may seek the services of or for which they are looking to provide the services to.

→ Provide some added info to your selected keyword, examples with the above keywords...

  • dental emergency as I lost my crown and my current dentist is on vacation
  • back pain upon waking this morning, need someone in network with UHC
  • terrible migraine over the past 24 hours

Informed Requests

→ Select your search radius in kilometers (don't worry, we translated it to miles as well).

We want to keep things relevant so we figured you're not interested in seeing a response from a service provider in NJ when your sciatica needs immediate attention in Manhattan, and it's after 5 pm on a Friday, and you just don't want to leave 'the island'.

→ How long will your search last?

In keeping your search results relevant, you may not want a response if your emergency is one month old. Just indicate your time frame and we'll limit responses to being within that time frame only.

Finally, execute your search via 2 options:

  • Search from where you currently stand. Your search will execute to the radius specified around your current latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Search from a specific location, or 'throw' your search. Your search will execute to the radius specified for a city or town's latitude and longitude coordinates allowing you to gather relevent results when you are not physically at that location.

Inbox Delivery

Getting Your Responses

After your request is sent, service providers will have the option of responding to your request. If they can service your request, you will receive an email in your inbox advising so or you can see your results upon logging in and navigating to sosboom.com/responses.

Your email is NEVER shared as all requests are handled through our server.
A service provider can never know who is sending out a request.

Sample email contents from a servicing provider that replied to your call:

  • Name: Empire Ortho
  • Business Intro: Offering orthopedic care to the NYC region.
  • Address: 20 West 34th St, NY, NY, 10001
  • Phone 1: 2125554321
  • Phone 2:
  • Email 1: staff@empireortho.com
  • Email 2:
  • Personal Link 1: www.empireortho.com
  • Personal Link 2: www.reviewwebsite.com/empireortho
  • Personal Link 3:
  • Personal Link 4:

The information received within the email allows you, the service caller or just caller, to quickly contact the service provider while at the same time evaluate them for appropriateness with regards to your service request.

It is up to the caller to verify any service provider for adequacy towards their search request needs.

Due to the nature of this program, users are allowed to make 1 free request every 1 hour from the time of their last executed request.

If you want to make an added request within the 1 hour, then feel free to purchase more requests. You can then use a purchased request prior to the availability of the free request as needed. Once your free request is available, any search performed will not count against your purchased searches as free requests will take priority.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Service Provider Setup

For providers looking to be on the receiving end of a request, please visit our for Providers page where you will receive step through instructions on profile setup and keyword selection / management.

Local Involvement

Lastly, the purpose of this project is to better connect those that are in need with those that can help.

We understand that information yielded with any search can range from sparce to overwhelming.

These results can tend to be irrlevent, misdirecting or even decieving at times.

And the cost of doing business to be too high to allow for proper visibility.

Let's tackle the problems above and do so at a reasonable cost.

When comparing us to the cost of traditional keyword advertising we come out well ahead.
Our current pricing:
$149.99 per year per profile. Renew any profile as and when you want.
$0.75 per keyword (purchased in sets), keywords never expire.